lunedì 7 aprile 2014 Via di Gerusalemme

GUARDATE CHE COSA BELLA CHE MI E' ARRIVATA NELL'EMAIL! NON SO NEMMENO COME MI ABBIANO TROVATO...MA IL MONDO PELLEGRINO E' SEMPRE SOLO UNO! Ho scritto che voglio rimanere in contatto e che vorrei linkare i siti, vedremo!
Qui di sotto l'email

Dear Friends and Partners of the JERUSALEM WAY!

The JERUSALEM WAY Exhibition at the EU-Parliament Brussels was a great success and wonderful! A big step for this world wide peace project.

All pictures and videos are here available:

Attached and also at the below link you will find a official press release from Brussels with the core message „The Jerusalem Way is a understanding between peoples”:

Please forward this mail to others. Just together we are strong.

All the best & thank you
Johannes Aschauer

International Peace Team

tel: +43 699 18 03 1970


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